BFA The Parsons School of Design in Communication Design.
About Me
I am an international artist who lived most of my life in Seoul, Korea. A deep desire to create art began at a young age, which led me to NY where I was immersed in an extremely diverse culture. Upon completion of BFA in Communication Design in Parsons, I started my career as a computer graphic designer. A few years later, I decided to quit my successful career as a graphic designer in order to pursue my passion for fine art that has enchanted me. I never regret leaving that
field because my experience as a graphic designer has always directed me toward finding a better way to combine colors and compose spaces to create art. The inspiration for my art comes from my heart: whenever I feel something, I paint it or create it. I have an open mind toward styles but I am pursuing originality; the pre-existing style is not what I pursue. I love trying anything and everything when it comes to creating a work of art. I believe creating art is an unconscious process where I trust my intuition.
Impressionist Oil Painting
The majority of my oil paintings are created by using a palette knife on sandpaper. The sandpaper and the palette knife, which I believe to be an extension of my arm, helps create texture and mood. I really enjoy applying the paint in layers, which gives more depth to the image. The layers build up strokes of different colors which help express the feeling of organic nature. My contemporary impressionist style is born from total freedom.
Mixed Media
As an artist, my concerns have always been directed towards process surface and materials to create new pieces. Mixed media art is, in part, about discovering what is new in the process. I prefer to begin my work without a preconceived idea but rather let intuition and communication guide me. I would describe my work as process oriented with spontaneity, exploration and discovery. I always search and hope to find something. However, I don't always know what I am looking for, but I know it is always there.
First Place National Small Oil Painting Juror Awards 2010
Executive Director Purchase Awards for the Wichita Center for the Arts in Memory of Mary R. Koch 2010
Third Place Oklahoma Friendly 2011 National Juried Show